Jan 31, 2010

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Old Time Radio Programs. X Minus 1.
Outstanding Sci fi series from the 50's.
A Must have for Otr Collectors.

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xminusone_550422_AndTheMoonBeStillAndBright.mp35.53 MB
xminusone_550424_NoContact.mp313 MB
xminusone_550501_TheParade.mp313 MB
xminusone_550508_MarsIsHeaven.mp312 MB
xminusone_550515_Universe.mp313 MB
xminusone_550522_Knock.mp313 MB
xminusone_550529_TheManInTheMoon.mp313 MB
xminusone_550605_PerigisWonderfulDolls.mp313 MB
xminusone_550707_TheGreenHillsOfEarth.mp311 MB
xminusone_550714_DrGrimshawsSanitorium.mp311 MB
xminusone_550721_Nightmare.mp311 MB
xminusone_550728_TheEmbassy.mp311 MB
xminusone_550804_TheVeldt.mp311 MB
xminusone_550811_AlmostHuman.mp311 MB
xminusone_550818_Courtesy.mp311 MB
xminusone_550825_ColdEquations.mp311 MB
xminusone_550901_Shanghaied.mp310 MB
xminusone_550908_TheMartianDeathMarch.mp311 MB
xminusone_550915_TheCastaways.mp310 MB
xminusone_550922_AndTheMoonBeStillAsBright.mp311 MB
xminusone_551006_FirstContact.mp310 MB
xminusone_551020_ChildsPlay.mp311 MB
xminusone_551027_Requiem.mp311 MB
xminusone_551103_HelloTomorrow.mp311 MB
xminusone_551110_DwellersInSilence.mp311 MB
xminusone_551116_TheOuterLimit.mp313 MB
xminusone_551123_ZeroHour.mp36.55 MB
xminusone_551130_TheVitalFactor.mp313 MB
xminusone_551207_Nightfall.mp313 MB
xminusone_551214_ToTheFuture.mp313 MB
xminusone_551221_MarionettesInc.mp313 MB
xminusone_551228_ALogicNamedJoe.mp312 MB
xminusone_560104_TheRoadsMustRoll.mp313 MB
xminusone_560111_TimeAndTimeAgain.mp313 MB
xminusone_560118_PerigisWonderfulDolls.mp311 MB
xminusone_560125_TheParade.mp36.05 MB
xminusone_560201_TheCaveOfNight.mp313 MB
xminusone_560208_C-Chute.mp313 MB
xminusone_560215_SkulkingPermit.mp313 MB
xminusone_560222_Junkyard.mp313 MB
xminusone_560229_HelloTomorrow.mp311 MB
xminusone_560307_AGunForDinosaur.mp313 MB
xminusone_560314_TunnelUnderTheWorld.mp313 MB
xminusone_560321_AThousandDollarsAPlate.mp312 MB
xminusone_560328_APailOfAir.mp313 MB
xminusone_560403_How-To.mp313 MB
xminusone_560410_StarBright.mp313 MB
xminusone_560417_Jaywalker.mp313 MB
xminusone_560424_TheSenseOfWonder.mp313 MB
xminusone_560501_SeaLegs.mp313 MB
xminusone_560508_TheSeventhOrder.mp313 MB
xminusone_560515_HallucinationOrbit.mp312 MB
xminusone_560522_TheDefenders.mp313 MB
xminusone_560529_Lulungameena.mp313 MB
xminusone_560605_ProjectMastodon.mp311 MB
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This is certainly classic Americana, Much of it inspired from the Cold War between the US and USSR. The mental visions of the space ships are of the classic 50's style.

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Jan 8, 2010

Global Warming is a Hoax » Mike Dell's World

John Coleman shows what's been proven over the years that Global Warming is a hoax. Global Warming, Carbon Credits, and the whole green movement is a way for the greedy power mongers, to keep their self important pompous asses nests well feathered off of our cash. We're not all going to die. We're not all going to drown, or melt or any of that...... But they want to take our cash, and push their false agenda.

Global Warming Alarmists. = Snake Oil Salesmen.

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