May 24, 2010

Think Different, I mean Different! Open Source, Linux... Inspired by MacHEADS... lol

I watched MacHEADS this afternoon, (yea, I don't have a DVD player, and I streamed it to the Wii, it's not a perfect world, LOL).   It's nice to see people have an obsession or be fans of something that's geeky. True, I'm not a Mac fan, but in the history of  Personal Computers, the Mac has played it's part, and in many ways, I'm glad it did.  They upped the ante for Microsoft to create a more usable interface for it's users.  I didn't take to Win 3.x right off, and fought using that danged mouse, but it seemed to be kinda pretty compared to the C:\ prompt. :)  

I recall bouncing around on my C:\ Prompt for my BBS with QFiler (a lot like Norton commander), and using PKZip to help clean up some disk space, and as a sysop that seemed to be the best formula for getting things done. I'd have a simple text editor in Qfiler to edit the BBS config files... and while I'm digressing, BBS's or the good ones, could be used as dos shell in many ways...  

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Linux Mint 9 - Part 3

Over the past week, I've installed the following to make my desktop more complete:

Xsane:  The simple scanner just doesn't do it for me, won't re-number the images auto-magically or if it does, I didn't see or know how. To me thats a simple "must have" feature.  One Scanner utility looks like you're viewing the guts of C3P0 (Star Wars Episode 1) and the other one seems to be overly plain Jane.  

K3B:  While Rhythmbox will rip the CD's etc, K3B seems to do it faster... ? I don't know why.

Had to make use of the NDIS wrapper that comes with Mint, as the wireless card on my laptop died on me, - But I only had an old PCIMCI card to use, and it's chip set isn't Linux friendly, so I had to use some from windows.

I can't think of much else at the moment..  

I'll attach a snapshot of my desktop, as I've not done added 1 image to this rundown of stuff that I've done... 

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An example of a Mal-ware Attack targeted for an Windows XP machine.

I don't use Windows, or a Mac, I've been running Ubuntu or Linux Mint on my PC for some time now.. So when I see these site, I understand how someone that doesn't "see" the difference of their computer vs the web or their browser, can get tangled up with some BS. 

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May 22, 2010

The Penguin Shelf | @fabsh found out that I had named some of these penguins after podcasters,

And I had told him, yea, I did, but they've been put away for some time, and I don't recall their names.  He wanted to know if one of them had been named after him.  Why yes, there was.  So, if I screwed someone's penguin name up, and you're a podcaster, and you recall what your penguin was, and how I just ripped your name off of it and gave it to someone else. I say. You've got to be kidding!?!?!?  I named this silly things when they were on the dash of my truck, listening to podcasts, and was keeping myself from getting bored out of my mind going down the road wishing I was using Linux, and not working.  LOL,  

Ok Ok, so not ALL the podcasters are represented... Well, we'll get to you and yours sooner or later. And yes, I know there are Three of them named there that are not currently  creating a podcast, but still, they DID have penguins named after them. :) 

In any case, I've got to get away from the KBD...  Have a Great one! :) 

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May 14, 2010

Today's Note - I gotta get organized. I think. Maybe.

I'm trying to figure out how to make my life a little more simpler, you know. I joined about half the media social sites, and the other half I've not bothered with.  Nor do I think that I will.  Most of them are good, they do what you want, you can post an email to most everything these days, CC it to multiple accounts etc. Such as I'm doing now.  And Those sites will shoot it out to a couple others.  

 Now, I'm not the most organized person, nor will I get the award for being Mr. Tidy.  But I try. Lately I've been trying to get things simplified on my hard drives. - I ferreted out some WMA files that were on my "Backup" music directory  (it's alone, so it's really not a  backup) drive. It's more of the drive that I dump things to when I move from one computer to another, or don't want to take up massive amounts of space with audio and video files. The Document folders etc, those are tiny compared to the media. But I still ought to ferret out the crud from the keepers. - Videos, not many of those, but heck, if you dupe one or two 4 gig file... You've wasted a sizable amount of space, if you blow it. You might have just toasted a irreplaceable video of the kids.  Pictures from the phones? Way to many junky ones there.... But easy to move to a DVD or disk. Same for the Videos, but if you bury those away in the attic, what good they? 

Web sites. - Oh my lord. - Do you have to many sites too?  Two or three Blogger Accounts, a Posterous Account, and who knows what other freebie one's I might have had on Yahoo, etc..  Trying to keep focused, as A Tech Blog, A Blog about Linux, A Linux Tech Blog? A Blog about the Cat? Dog? Hardware? Mouse? Any kind of Mouse. Live or one with a blinky red light.  A Proud Parent Blog? Showing off the kids. Wait, maybe not so much, there's weirdos out there. Or are the weirdo's next door? Who knows? One about Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I am. Twitter or Dent, and now a Buzz.. Connect them all, you want all of your friends to be able to find ya. Ya never know what might happen next, who's going to see that you're brilliant, and that they want to hire you for tons of money, so you better include LinkedIn with that lot...  Whew! 

I gotta post on, twitter, buzz, ping the dang thing. Ping 140 chars of whats most important to you at this moment. I need to work, I need to sleep, I have a friend that just had a baby, or puppies, can I get you to post the wee one's in a tweet, we know they're sweet, we want to have a picture to savor the moment, as we know it's the journey, not the destination to get us to where we're going.  Tell everyone about it. But we've gotta be worried about our privacy. Wait? Who? What? Who's going to know? Wait for them to find out? 

We've got to be organized, we've got to figure out how to get it done sooner, better, faster or someone else will beat us to the punch line, the finish line, they'll have a bigger house, or care, or boat... Maybe they'll have the iPad with a cool ap that will let them Meditate and become more Zen like in 140 Characters per thought. And then the voices in my head go off again..  Of course that person's going to be more Zen Like. The darn thing cost them an arm and a leg, so all they have to have is one hand left to move things around on the touch screen, they're Zen like from an iObotomy. It's "The Future". I Wonder if they lean to one side when they stand with only one arm and leg to stand on? Oh that's cruel... glad it was the voices in my head that came up with that one, and not me.

With 140 char's per message it might be all that I need, it'll be on my TV on my Laptop, my Phone, My Game Deck, and I'm sure someone is figuring out how BEST to put it on their refrigerator.  - Is it Data overload? Is 140 char per conversation a good thing? 

When really. All we (me?) need is to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.  
And to smile, to take a genuine interest to the people within 140 FEET of where we're sitting?

Maybe... just after one last tweet...  

I Told ya, I'm not organized, I was going to go on about something else... Something about staying focused on my personal blog.