Dec 29, 2010

Join in and ask friends to join too! - Frosty Fenders 2010

Hey There, I've been learning a little more about the facebook Group Interface, and how facebook has it setup for the open groups.  It's fairly easy to ask others to join, and they don't have to join if they don't want to, but it makes a lot of sense if someone they know invites them to a group. First they know someone in the group, and the other person doing the inviting is the "expert" about what the group is about. :)

There's an explanation of what the group is about over on the group page... but basically it's just voting on the trucks with the most outrageous snow / ice covering them for this winter.... There's already some really cool pictures in there to check out. - The picture with the most votes wins the contest. The Winner will Get a Little Digital Award (picture) from me, and a Hat.

Here's the link..

The Art of making it happen, and Lee Iacocca

Day 263, 2010

Again, I was doing some thinking. Again. It might not mean much. But thinking back, there was a man that earned many peoples respect back in the past, and he took a large car company from broke or bankrupt to profitable years ago.  Lee Iacocca. One of his quotes was:

The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.
- Lee Iacocca

So, I guess one could say that just blogging about a topic is a start. It's writing it down. You can move on from there. Other's can see it, and comment on it. It also helps to have a blog that will be around to view later.

I've pretty much decided to abandon my Posterous Blogs, and move things to Blogger or WordPress, but for now, I think that Blogger will suit most of my needs just fine. I've already setup to point Blogger.  And I've thought about adding short audio clips to this blog, so it would have some podcasts also.  Blogger will allow for other elements in the sidebar that Posterous won't. Blogger has been around for some time, and with all of the extra little widgets that connect blogs to each other, it shouldn't be to much of a problem.  True WordPress would do more, but I think that I can "get er done" with Blogger. I might do a post about what I see the differences are between Posterous, Blogger, and WordPress in the future. 

I'm not able to blog to multiple blogs and keep them updated at any kind of a decent rate, due to my pursuit of life, liberty, and a pay check. So, will be the main site, and I'll re-post geeky related ones over on when I have one that fits for over there. 

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday....

Dec 28, 2010

If true evolution existed...

Don't you think that human nature would evolve the quickest?
That we would have animals that talked? Or cooked?


Posting from the phone...

Testing to see if an audio voice note will post directly from my
phone... Its not an mp3, but in amr format so we'll see how this turns
out. Haha. @thenose100

Dec 27, 2010

Moving to

I will be abandoning my Posterous Blogs for Blogger. Right now points to the blog that I will be keeping updated instead of the posterous site(s). also In any event, Posterous is fine but has its limits due to its simplicity. I've just got to get the blogger address in my phone so I can do updates to that blog, via email like I'm doing right now. :) @thenose100

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Dec 22, 2010

Dear Blog, Day 356 of 2010: Bra Hats?

Image Courtesy of Johnny Madden on

As I sit down to write this, that cat has done her thing. Which reminded me. Why does cat poop smell like burnt rubber? Or Vice Versa, as the later came first?  Maybe I ought to send a message to the Michelin Man and ask him?  

With the weird work hours, I can't seem to get my brain to function very smoothly in the evenings. Today it seems apparent that getting up at 4 am was agreeable, as my alarm was set for 5 am. But I woke up at 4 wide awake. Yesterday the alarm was set for 2:20 am. That was way to early.  Thus the Mush brain last night, all it was good for was light conversation and some TV.  In any case, I was  warned that today will start with a short run, with the possibility of another one tacked on when I'm done with the first. The second run, would take at lest 9 hrs. But that might wrap up my week due to the holiday. 

I did try to humor a friend yesterday with a text message asking him to ask to try on some bras as hats at the drug store he was going to for some pills.  He's having some serious surgery done, and I'm worried.  I fight my worries with humor. Sometimes at inappropriate times.  But really, what's the best time for humor? When you're expecting a laugh?  That's one of the reasons that I don't care for a lot of Hollywood's movies and sitcoms.  If they have predictable humor. If I can see the joke coming at me, it's not usually funny. AND some of the crap they try to pass off as humor just isn't funny. Granted, Comedy isn't always easy to do.  When I'm asked to be funny, I can't be. Maybe its the same way when writing a script? 

Soo... I missed the Lunar eclipse. It also fell on winter solstice.  And that brings me back around to the holiday season, and  get me to wondering. Why do Christians still continue to Celebrate Christ's Birth on a Pagan holiday?  If you know it's the wrong day, why continue the process? Why not move it to a Spring Event, as that's when he was born?  So, this begs the question. Does admittedly doing something wrong, and continuing  to do the wrong thing in the name of a tradition make it right?  And yes, I will be doing come gift giving, and Celebrating the tradition of Christmas. Why? Well, its something we've always done.  But it always makes me wonder...  Are we doing the right thing? And, if not, How would you "Fix It"?   I just chalk it up as one of those goofy things that we do. 

Gotta go! :) 

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Dec 20, 2010

Dear Blog, Day 354 2010, Western Union, 1937

Hey there, I was chatting with my mom talking about old things, and getting caught up, and she mentioned that she had a old Telegram that her Dad had send his dad, announcing her birth.  Cool, eh?  Back in those days, Western Union was the state of the art in communication. This telegram was sent from Flint, MI to Turner, MI about 100 miles.  No, I got a Photo copy of the original, and have edited it to look what I think it might look like. Maybe one day, I can do a real scan of it. :-)

I love old things like this, the old radios, the smell of a transformer burning dust off of it...

Do you have any old images of your family and it's history scanned and shared?

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Dec 18, 2010

Dear Blog Day 352 2010 - The Big Road and a NuT - Wigglestick

I used to blog on a site called Journalspace. My Blog was called "The Big Road and a NuT".  Back in 2003, when I was blog hunting, and trying to see what it was that I was missing, I did some Blog hopping and site testing, etc.  Blogger,, Myspace, etc...

I wasn't on Twitter, facebook, or a few of the other social network sites, and didn't see the point at the time.  I do think that I had setup an account on some or most all sites, looked around and decided some looked more like a business site, others looked like there were kids just doing their thing, and showing off the musical groups that they liked. Others looked ok, but no one was connected. No Community.  Blogger Didn't have a sense of community, nor did a few of the other sites.  But I still liked Blogger, and still do.

Journalspace did. I've met a few friends there, and we've stayed in contact over the years, even with the demise and re-birth of Journalspace.  I did back up some of my blog postings from there, but where I put the backup. I'm not so sure. :-[       I was kind of hoping to find the file, and to grab parts of it and share them. But also to do a re-view of what I might have been saying, as that's always kind of interesting to see what you said 5 years ago.

I was looking at some of the photo's that I had on Photobucket, as that's where I used to save most all of my files, and ran across this one.


I had the idea that if I posted a few weird images of things that didn't really exist on T-Shirts, that maybe I could raise some money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  I got so far as getting a Domain Name (seems someone is squatting on the current version of it now,  Meh!)  But I didn't take the time to do anything else with it. Didn't know how to promote it, or a site or anything like that.

I was feeling a bit bummed due to there's so many things that I've thought about, and not acted on. Ideas that are dormant.  There's only so much time in the day.  Even a Metric Clock won't change that.  :-P    If  I ever get to the "work at home" state of things, maybe I'll be able to work on some other ideas a little more.  Right now, all of that is just a dream.  And I'm trying to learn my way around the blogosphere a little bit better.  Maybe one day, I'll actually make enough money from AdSense to purchase a cup of coffee. 

What kinds of things have you started that you've not finished?  I've started lots things that I've forgotten about.  But here is a list of a few things of mine. I'd like to know what kinds of things you'd like to invent or create if you had the time.  Who knows, maybe we can merge some ideas?

Randy's short list forgotten things to make or do...

A Decade Car: A car manufactured to stay basically the same for 10 years, that is easily modified. I'd like to sit down with some ideas and hash them out, and at least make some kind of prototype out of wood, play dough, or Lego's.

An Open Source Coffee Shop:  A Learning place for open source ideas, geared for learning. Sort of a Mash Up of a Sylvan Learning Center, Make Magazine and Panera Bread...

So? Again, What would you like to see done, or do? =-O

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Dec 17, 2010

Dear Blog Day 251, 2010 - A Metric Clock or Calendar?

Yea, I know. I didn't talk to you yesterday Dear Blog. - I got caught up doing some PDF stuff from the Google Reader to Open Office, and the images don't get save locally when you do that.  Pain in the ass to edit a file that has 50 or so entries with 10 or more images per blog post.  :-(

Maybe someone has an idea for this? =-O  

Ok, on to what I was thinking earlier today.

A Metric Clock. 24 hrs would be replaced by 10 hrs.  I knew I wasn't the only one who had thought of this.. There's a Wiki on it. LOL.

A Metric Calendar. 

10 months.  We get rid of February and August.  Those months sorta suck anyway. 36 day months, alternated with 37 day months, with every 4 years with an extra day at the end of the first or last month of the year.  There's no getting rid of a Calender creeping up on ya, if yo don't do that extra day every 4 years.

10 day weeks. With 3 day weekends.

The names for the days of the weeks are up for grabs.

But I was thinking...  Onesday, Twosday, Threesdady, etc.. :-\

Oh my, look what I found! There is a French Version already created.. Wow. =-O

Ok, well, gotta go, I'm beat.  I've got a chauffeur showing up to ferry me around a bit.  I figure that 500+ miles today was enough, along with two deliveries.

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Dec 15, 2010

Dear Blog Day 349, 2010 A Hurried post..

Dear Blog. Sorry I've ignored you for the last couple of days. I've been busy with work. Getting up at 1 am can drain a person's sense of timing etc.  And well, quite honestly I forgot about you.  Food, Shower, and a few moments in front of the TV with my wife seems to be more important.

Today is the second day in a row, I woke up a couple moments early.  I'm listening to the Latest Juiced Penguin, drinking some coffee as I write this. - I need to get a #VFTC done. I got the pictures on the computer from the BlackBerry.  I'll try to get them up today.

Well, the alarm just went off, Time to hit the road.

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Dec 13, 2010

Dear Blog, Day 347, 2010 - Woke up early. Awake, Can't Sleep

Have you Ever Woke up 2 hrs early?  Can't get back to sleep? You have an idea gnawing at the insides of your skull? Yea, that's where I am. The idea was for someone else's blog. Sent the email off to them.  But sending off the email has gotten rid of the brain itch. 
No, I've not gotten the site up.  I have the domain, but haven't hosted it yet. (have you ever done that? Bought a domain name, and then do absolutely nothing with it? I bought some time ago, and I'm not even sure who I used to do it. 

Anyway, now I need to get my act together for getting down the road.. it's a snowy day where I am in Ohio... 

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Dec 12, 2010

Dear Blog, Week 50 2010. I've decided to try an experiment.

I've decided to experiment around a bit. 
I keep reading some highly visible and successful bloggers are doing to keep peeps interested in their blogs. I seem to find a few common threads of thought. 

1: Be Interesting
2: Be Very Interesting and Talk of share something of value
3: Be yourself
4: You don't need to Steal content. - Comment with your own views and opinions. 
5: Don't forget to be interesting. 
6: Find your Niche 
7: Start a Conversation, Don't be Preachy. (oh man, that might be a bit hard for me, not to be soap boxy, hah hah)

Well. All I know how to do is be me. But a Blog "All About Me" Isn't going to be interesting. It's the Thoughts, the Ideas the visions of how I'd like some thing to be, the inventions that aren't yet invented THOSE are the areas that I need to concentrate on when I blog. I think.  I use to do a Podcast Called Randomized Radio, and I had a good 30-40 (from the stats) listeners. I stopped doing it, maybe I ought to bring it back again. I just need to find a good method for doing it.  

Maybe I ought to do a "Dear Blog" Series for a few weeks. I also think that I'm going to move my Posterous Account over to RandyNose.Com, and that will be run on a WordPress Blog, simply due to the fact that WordPress is a standard that almost ALL of the highly successful bloggers seem to use. I still like the dead simplicity of Posterous, and the Solidness of Blogger, as I've used them both, but WordPress seems to be the Cadillac standard. I'll stick with the tried and true for this. 

What I'm thinking for the layout of the Blogs.  And I'm fishing for your input here, by the way. = Top Blog, everything get's posted there. 

PimpingThePenguin = Linux Geek and Open Source Articles get re-posted there.
TruckerPocketmoney = Tips for Truckers to save a buck, DIY Vehicle type stuff, Reposted on it.
RandomizedRadio, and all of it's doings will be rolled over to

So, What are your ideas? 
Would some of you like more RandomizedRadio Podcasts?
More Goofy Blog Posts from me?  - And I don't know what I mean by that, other then maybe attempts at humor on my part.

Comments Please! 

@thenose100 on Twitter and | | | Originally written in Gmail. 

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Dec 11, 2010

How and why Did you get into trucking?

How and why Did you get into trucking?

Posted by Randy on December 11, 2010


I want to make sure that I’m able to post to this site via email. – That way, if I’m out and about, I can easily post something here from my phone.  But While I’m here, Making a message…  I’m still struggling with ideas for blogging, or how to focus my efforts.  I want this blog to be about how truckers can save a buck or two,  or even make one or two. If I can find coupons or other deals that are good, I’ll post and link to them also.   I’ve been doing a lot of reading over on ProBlogger, JohnChow, and BlogTyrant, trying to figure out how to create a more engaging blog.  Time will tell if I do or don’t. I do know that with the trucking gig, that weekly posts are about as often as I can get one out.  Also, I think that I’m going to stop promoting my Posterous Account as much, and work on this blog more.

Truth be told, I started this “whole trucking thing” as a temporary gig to stay employed almost 12 years ago. – Trucking’s been good to me, I’ve met quite a few good people.  But it’s not really my first love. I’m a geek. I truly am.

Ok So here’s my question to you. How did you get involved with trucking?

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Dec 10, 2010

Wikileaks, Cables, and what's bothering me the most about it...

I'm not a reporter, I'm just a guy. I see and get involved with the information around me just as anyone else.  Yes, we have a DATA OVERLOAD today, and we'll continue to have Data Overload with our ability to use the web, etc.  But this thing with Wikileaks I find a bit scary. Not that Wikileaks might expose some name of a spy. Granted, I don't want to see people put into harms way. An information war isn't always clear, trying to go back and figure out who's done what to who for why how many years ago etc, I can't keep up with it all.  BUT.. Here's my take on things... 

Wikileaks was left alone, when it "exposed" Army or Military Secrets.
Wikileaks WAS gone after when the Politicians asses  were exposed. 

Two wrongs don't make a right.

How can a US Government official make a call to a web hosting provider and get them to pull the plug?  Shut down a bank account? - 

And how does this affect you? 

What if it were you they (The US Government) was pissed at? 
How would you want things handled? 
Would you be able to defend yourself if they cut off your ability to speak?

I'm against the censorship and the way that the US is conducting its self. 

And to that end, I encourage others to change their icon to support the freedom of ideas, and speech.  

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@Tachoblog #VFTC A Summery of my picked pics for this week...

These are rather cruddy pics, but it seem my phone (BlackBerry) doesn't do so well with the slightest motion when it's dark. (Maybe it's keeping the exposure longer due to the need of light?)  In any case, these two shots were taking going north on 55th Street in Cleveland, Oh. Wed Night Cleveland got dumped on with 6 inches of snow (Lake effect?) during rush hour, the plows weren't able to keep up with it.

This is on the freeway just bit before the 55th Street exit... 
I think. Or it could be Akron a night before. LOL. =-O

In any case, it took me 2 hrs to go 15 miles. One of our other drivers said it took him 5 hours to go 15 miles....

I dunno, I'm always amazed at how traffic jams up when it does, and how rude everyone gets, and how it exacerbates the problem. I'm no angel, and I've done the same rude thing, only due to the fact that if I didn't I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

For Example.  The Grid Locking of intersections. - I tried to leave room for the other traffic to get across the intersections in the snowy bumper to bumper traffic, but cars were pulling in front of me, and filling up that "space" so, I quit leaving it there for a few blocks.

Another pet peeve. - People that don't know that they need to stop at a stoplight when it's dead.
You need to treat it like a 4 way stop. But way to many people don't.

I sent in a trio of pictures from this Lancaster, NY Customer a few weeks back. Back when there wasn't snow. See if you can go back and find them. - But you'll have to browse through TachoBlog to find them.. (Ha HA! See G, I'm getting people to BROWSE your blog now. Ok, I'm trying...) 

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Dec 2, 2010

@TachoBlog #VFTC Pics on this blog post...

As I was headed South yesterday (Yes, in the near freezing rain)  (11-30-10) on I-71 near Jeffersonville, Oh, I noticed this truck with some FUD on it. I really think something gets lost in the Translation. FUD is short for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, and I don't want any of that when it comes to a hot-dog.

FWIW: I found John's Blog and he has a better explanation about the FUD truck, and BIMBO too. Funny Mexican Brand Names that just don't make it past the universal translation barrier. 

And here's another shot, in about the same area on I-71, but a day later.  It's trying to get Frosty on My Fenders. But it didn't happen. 

Also on I-71, but I think I took this on Monday. I The Trucks Logo just make me think that he had a whole lot of BlueTooth to go around. I'm thinking he's hording it. (Real BlueTooth Logo Here)



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