Dec 18, 2010

Dear Blog Day 352 2010 - The Big Road and a NuT - Wigglestick

I used to blog on a site called Journalspace. My Blog was called "The Big Road and a NuT".  Back in 2003, when I was blog hunting, and trying to see what it was that I was missing, I did some Blog hopping and site testing, etc.  Blogger,, Myspace, etc...

I wasn't on Twitter, facebook, or a few of the other social network sites, and didn't see the point at the time.  I do think that I had setup an account on some or most all sites, looked around and decided some looked more like a business site, others looked like there were kids just doing their thing, and showing off the musical groups that they liked. Others looked ok, but no one was connected. No Community.  Blogger Didn't have a sense of community, nor did a few of the other sites.  But I still liked Blogger, and still do.

Journalspace did. I've met a few friends there, and we've stayed in contact over the years, even with the demise and re-birth of Journalspace.  I did back up some of my blog postings from there, but where I put the backup. I'm not so sure. :-[       I was kind of hoping to find the file, and to grab parts of it and share them. But also to do a re-view of what I might have been saying, as that's always kind of interesting to see what you said 5 years ago.

I was looking at some of the photo's that I had on Photobucket, as that's where I used to save most all of my files, and ran across this one.


I had the idea that if I posted a few weird images of things that didn't really exist on T-Shirts, that maybe I could raise some money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  I got so far as getting a Domain Name (seems someone is squatting on the current version of it now,  Meh!)  But I didn't take the time to do anything else with it. Didn't know how to promote it, or a site or anything like that.

I was feeling a bit bummed due to there's so many things that I've thought about, and not acted on. Ideas that are dormant.  There's only so much time in the day.  Even a Metric Clock won't change that.  :-P    If  I ever get to the "work at home" state of things, maybe I'll be able to work on some other ideas a little more.  Right now, all of that is just a dream.  And I'm trying to learn my way around the blogosphere a little bit better.  Maybe one day, I'll actually make enough money from AdSense to purchase a cup of coffee. 

What kinds of things have you started that you've not finished?  I've started lots things that I've forgotten about.  But here is a list of a few things of mine. I'd like to know what kinds of things you'd like to invent or create if you had the time.  Who knows, maybe we can merge some ideas?

Randy's short list forgotten things to make or do...

A Decade Car: A car manufactured to stay basically the same for 10 years, that is easily modified. I'd like to sit down with some ideas and hash them out, and at least make some kind of prototype out of wood, play dough, or Lego's.

An Open Source Coffee Shop:  A Learning place for open source ideas, geared for learning. Sort of a Mash Up of a Sylvan Learning Center, Make Magazine and Panera Bread...

So? Again, What would you like to see done, or do? =-O

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