Dec 12, 2010

Dear Blog, Week 50 2010. I've decided to try an experiment.

I've decided to experiment around a bit. 
I keep reading some highly visible and successful bloggers are doing to keep peeps interested in their blogs. I seem to find a few common threads of thought. 

1: Be Interesting
2: Be Very Interesting and Talk of share something of value
3: Be yourself
4: You don't need to Steal content. - Comment with your own views and opinions. 
5: Don't forget to be interesting. 
6: Find your Niche 
7: Start a Conversation, Don't be Preachy. (oh man, that might be a bit hard for me, not to be soap boxy, hah hah)

Well. All I know how to do is be me. But a Blog "All About Me" Isn't going to be interesting. It's the Thoughts, the Ideas the visions of how I'd like some thing to be, the inventions that aren't yet invented THOSE are the areas that I need to concentrate on when I blog. I think.  I use to do a Podcast Called Randomized Radio, and I had a good 30-40 (from the stats) listeners. I stopped doing it, maybe I ought to bring it back again. I just need to find a good method for doing it.  

Maybe I ought to do a "Dear Blog" Series for a few weeks. I also think that I'm going to move my Posterous Account over to RandyNose.Com, and that will be run on a WordPress Blog, simply due to the fact that WordPress is a standard that almost ALL of the highly successful bloggers seem to use. I still like the dead simplicity of Posterous, and the Solidness of Blogger, as I've used them both, but WordPress seems to be the Cadillac standard. I'll stick with the tried and true for this. 

What I'm thinking for the layout of the Blogs.  And I'm fishing for your input here, by the way. = Top Blog, everything get's posted there. 

PimpingThePenguin = Linux Geek and Open Source Articles get re-posted there.
TruckerPocketmoney = Tips for Truckers to save a buck, DIY Vehicle type stuff, Reposted on it.
RandomizedRadio, and all of it's doings will be rolled over to

So, What are your ideas? 
Would some of you like more RandomizedRadio Podcasts?
More Goofy Blog Posts from me?  - And I don't know what I mean by that, other then maybe attempts at humor on my part.

Comments Please! 

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