Dec 10, 2010

@Tachoblog #VFTC A Summery of my picked pics for this week...

These are rather cruddy pics, but it seem my phone (BlackBerry) doesn't do so well with the slightest motion when it's dark. (Maybe it's keeping the exposure longer due to the need of light?)  In any case, these two shots were taking going north on 55th Street in Cleveland, Oh. Wed Night Cleveland got dumped on with 6 inches of snow (Lake effect?) during rush hour, the plows weren't able to keep up with it.

This is on the freeway just bit before the 55th Street exit... 
I think. Or it could be Akron a night before. LOL. =-O

In any case, it took me 2 hrs to go 15 miles. One of our other drivers said it took him 5 hours to go 15 miles....

I dunno, I'm always amazed at how traffic jams up when it does, and how rude everyone gets, and how it exacerbates the problem. I'm no angel, and I've done the same rude thing, only due to the fact that if I didn't I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

For Example.  The Grid Locking of intersections. - I tried to leave room for the other traffic to get across the intersections in the snowy bumper to bumper traffic, but cars were pulling in front of me, and filling up that "space" so, I quit leaving it there for a few blocks.

Another pet peeve. - People that don't know that they need to stop at a stoplight when it's dead.
You need to treat it like a 4 way stop. But way to many people don't.

I sent in a trio of pictures from this Lancaster, NY Customer a few weeks back. Back when there wasn't snow. See if you can go back and find them. - But you'll have to browse through TachoBlog to find them.. (Ha HA! See G, I'm getting people to BROWSE your blog now. Ok, I'm trying...) 

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