Dec 11, 2010

How and why Did you get into trucking?

How and why Did you get into trucking?

Posted by Randy on December 11, 2010


I want to make sure that I’m able to post to this site via email. – That way, if I’m out and about, I can easily post something here from my phone.  But While I’m here, Making a message…  I’m still struggling with ideas for blogging, or how to focus my efforts.  I want this blog to be about how truckers can save a buck or two,  or even make one or two. If I can find coupons or other deals that are good, I’ll post and link to them also.   I’ve been doing a lot of reading over on ProBlogger, JohnChow, and BlogTyrant, trying to figure out how to create a more engaging blog.  Time will tell if I do or don’t. I do know that with the trucking gig, that weekly posts are about as often as I can get one out.  Also, I think that I’m going to stop promoting my Posterous Account as much, and work on this blog more.

Truth be told, I started this “whole trucking thing” as a temporary gig to stay employed almost 12 years ago. – Trucking’s been good to me, I’ve met quite a few good people.  But it’s not really my first love. I’m a geek. I truly am.

Ok So here’s my question to you. How did you get involved with trucking?

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