Dec 22, 2010

Dear Blog, Day 356 of 2010: Bra Hats?

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As I sit down to write this, that cat has done her thing. Which reminded me. Why does cat poop smell like burnt rubber? Or Vice Versa, as the later came first?  Maybe I ought to send a message to the Michelin Man and ask him?  

With the weird work hours, I can't seem to get my brain to function very smoothly in the evenings. Today it seems apparent that getting up at 4 am was agreeable, as my alarm was set for 5 am. But I woke up at 4 wide awake. Yesterday the alarm was set for 2:20 am. That was way to early.  Thus the Mush brain last night, all it was good for was light conversation and some TV.  In any case, I was  warned that today will start with a short run, with the possibility of another one tacked on when I'm done with the first. The second run, would take at lest 9 hrs. But that might wrap up my week due to the holiday. 

I did try to humor a friend yesterday with a text message asking him to ask to try on some bras as hats at the drug store he was going to for some pills.  He's having some serious surgery done, and I'm worried.  I fight my worries with humor. Sometimes at inappropriate times.  But really, what's the best time for humor? When you're expecting a laugh?  That's one of the reasons that I don't care for a lot of Hollywood's movies and sitcoms.  If they have predictable humor. If I can see the joke coming at me, it's not usually funny. AND some of the crap they try to pass off as humor just isn't funny. Granted, Comedy isn't always easy to do.  When I'm asked to be funny, I can't be. Maybe its the same way when writing a script? 

Soo... I missed the Lunar eclipse. It also fell on winter solstice.  And that brings me back around to the holiday season, and  get me to wondering. Why do Christians still continue to Celebrate Christ's Birth on a Pagan holiday?  If you know it's the wrong day, why continue the process? Why not move it to a Spring Event, as that's when he was born?  So, this begs the question. Does admittedly doing something wrong, and continuing  to do the wrong thing in the name of a tradition make it right?  And yes, I will be doing come gift giving, and Celebrating the tradition of Christmas. Why? Well, its something we've always done.  But it always makes me wonder...  Are we doing the right thing? And, if not, How would you "Fix It"?   I just chalk it up as one of those goofy things that we do. 

Gotta go! :) 

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