Dec 29, 2010

Join in and ask friends to join too! - Frosty Fenders 2010

Hey There, I've been learning a little more about the facebook Group Interface, and how facebook has it setup for the open groups.  It's fairly easy to ask others to join, and they don't have to join if they don't want to, but it makes a lot of sense if someone they know invites them to a group. First they know someone in the group, and the other person doing the inviting is the "expert" about what the group is about. :)

There's an explanation of what the group is about over on the group page... but basically it's just voting on the trucks with the most outrageous snow / ice covering them for this winter.... There's already some really cool pictures in there to check out. - The picture with the most votes wins the contest. The Winner will Get a Little Digital Award (picture) from me, and a Hat.

Here's the link..

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