Dec 17, 2010

Dear Blog Day 251, 2010 - A Metric Clock or Calendar?

Yea, I know. I didn't talk to you yesterday Dear Blog. - I got caught up doing some PDF stuff from the Google Reader to Open Office, and the images don't get save locally when you do that.  Pain in the ass to edit a file that has 50 or so entries with 10 or more images per blog post.  :-(

Maybe someone has an idea for this? =-O  

Ok, on to what I was thinking earlier today.

A Metric Clock. 24 hrs would be replaced by 10 hrs.  I knew I wasn't the only one who had thought of this.. There's a Wiki on it. LOL.

A Metric Calendar. 

10 months.  We get rid of February and August.  Those months sorta suck anyway. 36 day months, alternated with 37 day months, with every 4 years with an extra day at the end of the first or last month of the year.  There's no getting rid of a Calender creeping up on ya, if yo don't do that extra day every 4 years.

10 day weeks. With 3 day weekends.

The names for the days of the weeks are up for grabs.

But I was thinking...  Onesday, Twosday, Threesdady, etc.. :-\

Oh my, look what I found! There is a French Version already created.. Wow. =-O

Ok, well, gotta go, I'm beat.  I've got a chauffeur showing up to ferry me around a bit.  I figure that 500+ miles today was enough, along with two deliveries.

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