Mar 25, 2017

Can be confused: mews, muse.

I Just read it in the news.
It Can be confused: mews, muse.

Can your kitty be confused when you hear her mews,
Can your kitty be confused when you here her muse,

Oh what kind of views would he hear from your muse. 
oh what kind of news you'd get if you understood the mews. 

meow, meow 
I want some kitty food now.
meow, meow 
some milk would be nice.
mew mew mew 
it's time to play. 

Sep 9, 2012

Blue Collar Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, and Salami

Hey, have you ever been sitting around wishing that you had a tasty savory breakfast? One that could be done real quickly, and not make to much of  mess?  After seeing a friends post about  bacon, I was yearning for something salty and savory myself.

Rather then thaw out a pound of bacon, I opted for something a little different. Hard Salami.  Yup.  Cooked and crispy salami, and crispy cheese.  I was only cooking for myself, and didn't really want to make a big mess.

I had some large (circumference wise) sliced salami, so I sliced them up like a pie, so they'd be easier to handle once they were cooked up in the eggs.

Toss the salami in a pan, and let it cook up until it's crispy, I like to flip them over so both sides get cooked and crispified. 

Next grab a hunk of Colby-Jack cheese sliced up. It doesn't have to be exact, as it's only sliced up to make the melting a little easier.  Rather then use milk, I'm going to add some ranch dressing to the eggs, and whip them up. 

Pour the eggs mix into the pan, and evenly toss the cheese in too. As the pan is hot, you'll not want to let it stay like this long, as we're not making an omelet, we're going for scrambled eggs, with a crispy cheesy crispy salami mess.  

Note the golden color to the cheese, as it's gotten crispy. If you've not turned the heat down on this by now, NOW would be a good time.  You might want to let it sit after you've flipped the eggs to get both sides of the mess crispy. 

Slide the mess onto your plate, add some hot sauce if wanted, and enjoy!  

Do you have some quick and simple meal ideas? 

I'd love to hear about them!

Sep 8, 2012

Oh Plz! I H8 Twizzlers, they're not Red Vines!

I don't like Twizzlers, and they're not Licorice, and neither are red vines. But I'd take black licorice over Twizzlers.

Then there's the Red Hots vs Hot Tamale's debate... but that's for another day...

Jul 24, 2012

Shave the cost of shaving.

I'm sure you've noticed the high cost of razors and blades.  I'm sure that you've also noticed that the razors don't last very long too.  That's due to oxidization of the blades. One easy way to keep the oxidization from happening is to use Vegetable Cooking spray on the blades after you're done, and they've had a few mins to dry. This helps keep the air from the metal and reduces the amount of corrosion.

Simple and nifty, eh?

You got any money saving tips that you'd like to share?

Jun 29, 2012

Job Scam Alert.

Since I'm in the job market again.  I'm getting some more Job Scam Postings via, emails. They pose as being from Careerbuilder, but if you look for the job ID on Careerbuilder, you won't find the job. Nor do they post any links. The email is full of spelling errors also.  So far they've tended to use via from the from to field.

CareerBuilder: Job for you ID #134092062259
CareerBuilder - Manager position ID #938643868107
This message is sent to you upon examining your resume presented at Carierbuilder.
I want to give some specifications about our enterprise to you. Our company was established in 1983 when its cofounders understood that there was the possibility of making provision of absolutely various pieces of advice and endorsement to undertakings encountering obstacles which are connected with operation and finance spheres, that is, cases requiring objectivity, activity and real aftereffects. Corporate doctors was the comparison for the firm, and therefore the founders established a culture through the years – mixing together operating managers, consultants and functional experts. Beginning with universal tax planning and managing local legislation, our tax skilled practitioner have great competence enough to work with large organizations and their capital provider to apply for complex tax points. Our enterprise is on the market of performance improvement solutions and interim management in the USA more than 5 years and our team belongs to those who play the main role on this market. We render assistance to our customers accomplishing their activity and extend them juridical and fundamental maintenance that allow to optimize imposition of tax.
It is necessary for you to proceed with an application in our HR department and to be interviewed if being a competent team player is your characteristic.
Our company offers full and part time employment for people of honesty and reliability, for those who possess management competence and good work ethics. The major requirements for applicants who are suitable for our process are presented below:
-       Facilitation skills which give an option of working and multitasking in a fast emerging surrounding without any mistakes to be made all expedient training courses will be within the first working month
-        Structuring experience and quick access to information. Experience of MS office
-       Capability of working under pressure
Your liabilities:
-       Monitoring and elaborating payoffs from the customers on our behalf
-       Making reports every week and month
-       Observing senior management instructions
Wages: Main wages of 2,000 together with 5% comm for every processed operation.
Enterprise will also be responsible for all banking and other relevant levies.
Available vacancy at present is: Financial assistant
Our HR managers can explain everything you interested at any convenient for you time.
After the first contact we will find you through email or connect with you by means of phone promptly. If you have any interest – please let us to be sent with your curriculum vitae through email or fax:

This letter was addressed to you accomplished upon studying your personal information on Carrier builder.
Give me a chance of presenting our organization to you. Our enterprise was grounded in 1983 when its cofounders caught the eventuality of guaranteeing drastically diverse advice and hands-on backing to companies coming across problems in operational and financial field – events involving action, real results and objectivity. Like corporate doctors, the founders constructed a culture which had a long history – uniting together functional experts, operating managers and consultants. The enterprise branched out to encourage capacity and expand universal reach and abilities. Orienting in either world tax planning or local laws navigation, our tax experts are able to cope with main undertakings. Our firm is in business over 5 years dealing with performance improvement solutions and interim management in US and it is one of the major figures on this market. We support our consumers perfecting their presentation and give them licit and valid tax covers that assists in tax assessment optimization.
If you think that you are capable send an application in our HR department to have an interview. If working out of comfort of your own house is for you we are ready to provide you with such a possibility.
Expectants with the following requirements can address to our firm:
-       Organizational experience that gives a chance of coping with different things in a fast-growing medium without making errors
-       Skills in structuring and immediate information access. Microsoft office skills
-       Aptitude to function within tight schedule
Your duties:
-       Managing and checking discharges from the consumers on our behalf
-       Getting weekly and monthly reports ready
-       Being under senior management guide
Payment: Base payment of 2,000 in parallel with 5 percent fee for every closed deal.
Organization will also take all banking and other work related charges.
Vacant place at the present moment is: Financial assistant
At any time convenient for you all the details can be discussed by you together with our HR managers. Initially contacted our company will get into touch with you via email or with the help of phone instantaneously. Please send us your personal information, skills and experience via email or fax.