Sep 9, 2012

Blue Collar Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, and Salami

Hey, have you ever been sitting around wishing that you had a tasty savory breakfast? One that could be done real quickly, and not make to much of  mess?  After seeing a friends post about  bacon, I was yearning for something salty and savory myself.

Rather then thaw out a pound of bacon, I opted for something a little different. Hard Salami.  Yup.  Cooked and crispy salami, and crispy cheese.  I was only cooking for myself, and didn't really want to make a big mess.

I had some large (circumference wise) sliced salami, so I sliced them up like a pie, so they'd be easier to handle once they were cooked up in the eggs.

Toss the salami in a pan, and let it cook up until it's crispy, I like to flip them over so both sides get cooked and crispified. 

Next grab a hunk of Colby-Jack cheese sliced up. It doesn't have to be exact, as it's only sliced up to make the melting a little easier.  Rather then use milk, I'm going to add some ranch dressing to the eggs, and whip them up. 

Pour the eggs mix into the pan, and evenly toss the cheese in too. As the pan is hot, you'll not want to let it stay like this long, as we're not making an omelet, we're going for scrambled eggs, with a crispy cheesy crispy salami mess.  

Note the golden color to the cheese, as it's gotten crispy. If you've not turned the heat down on this by now, NOW would be a good time.  You might want to let it sit after you've flipped the eggs to get both sides of the mess crispy. 

Slide the mess onto your plate, add some hot sauce if wanted, and enjoy!  

Do you have some quick and simple meal ideas? 

I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I'm just about to go into my kitchen to make exactly that. We have tons of that soft salami found in those huge rolls (like summer sausage packaging) and I'm getting tired of sandwiches and eating it plain so I Googled "salami and scrambled eggs" to see what popped up.