Dec 13, 2010

Dear Blog, Day 347, 2010 - Woke up early. Awake, Can't Sleep

Have you Ever Woke up 2 hrs early?  Can't get back to sleep? You have an idea gnawing at the insides of your skull? Yea, that's where I am. The idea was for someone else's blog. Sent the email off to them.  But sending off the email has gotten rid of the brain itch. 
No, I've not gotten the site up.  I have the domain, but haven't hosted it yet. (have you ever done that? Bought a domain name, and then do absolutely nothing with it? I bought some time ago, and I'm not even sure who I used to do it. 

Anyway, now I need to get my act together for getting down the road.. it's a snowy day where I am in Ohio... 

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