May 24, 2010

Linux Mint 9 - Part 3

Over the past week, I've installed the following to make my desktop more complete:

Xsane:  The simple scanner just doesn't do it for me, won't re-number the images auto-magically or if it does, I didn't see or know how. To me thats a simple "must have" feature.  One Scanner utility looks like you're viewing the guts of C3P0 (Star Wars Episode 1) and the other one seems to be overly plain Jane.  

K3B:  While Rhythmbox will rip the CD's etc, K3B seems to do it faster... ? I don't know why.

Had to make use of the NDIS wrapper that comes with Mint, as the wireless card on my laptop died on me, - But I only had an old PCIMCI card to use, and it's chip set isn't Linux friendly, so I had to use some from windows.

I can't think of much else at the moment..  

I'll attach a snapshot of my desktop, as I've not done added 1 image to this rundown of stuff that I've done... 

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