Jun 27, 2010

Replies to: #RSSTQ No. 14: What's more manly a bath-wash fragrance? Tangerine, Peach, or Lavender?

Thanks to all that joined in this weeks RSSTQ, I'll try to get these out in a more timely manner... 

From Identia.ca

@lostnbronx ......so, well...i hate to winge, but it's the man who makes the manliness, not the scent.

@mrsxoke  Lavender has a more musky scent of the three. I would go that way....

From FaceBook 

Lonnie Carbaugh  No other choices? I guess I'll go with the Tangerine.

Claudio Miranda  That's a tough one Randy. I'll go with lavender because it takes a REAL man to pull off a soft smell and still be manly. :-p

Chad Nelson Prefer gl5 [Editor's note: Gear Oil?] myself.

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