Jun 24, 2010

What's up with Cat food? Why Tuna, Beef, and Turkey?... Cat Food Question. #RSSTQ #Humor

Seriously. What's up with Tuna Cat food, or even Swordfish? Heck, any sea food for that matter.  It's not like my cat's going to go out and attach a great albacore tuna, and bring it home. Nor is she going to get the better of a Cow.  It's not like you've ever seen a heard of cats gang up and attach a bull is it?  Imagine a dozen or more cats stalking a bull cow, and then they all jump on it's back, swiping their extended little kitten claws at the mammoth.  Maybe one might get lucky and hit the jugular. It might take a week for that cow to drain but even two or three little pin sized holes won't slow that beast down. So then, why Beef flavored cat food? It's can you imagine the

Where's the Rat, Cockatoo, Goldfish, Mouse, Squirrel, and Finch flavored cat foods? 

Just some food for thought... 

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