Jun 1, 2010

Richard Querin Demanded a Pic of hash brown casserole, Linc caught Red (hat) handed

Ahh, I see, it would seem that Linc from the Linux Link Tech Show is trying to get himself some hasbrown casserole...

That man has good taste!

I tried to post this via an Email to Ping, and I've not seen it post, so.. There might be a dupe of this... 

Ok, just in case someone was wondering what it was that I used?  

2 bags of hasbrowns,  I don't know what size they were, I just snagged them, one didn't look like it would be enough
I bag (14 oz, I think) of Mexican Style shredded cheese, Cheddar might have been better
2 cans of Cream of chicken Soup.  
A few Dashes of milk, maybe 2/3 rds of of an empty soup can's worth.
I'd suggest some onion, and some butter with this mess, and or a different flavor of cream of- soup, Cream of Celery sounds like another good choice. 

mixed all of this stuff up in the dish.. Baked for 30 mins covered,  10 mins uncovered with a handful of topping cheese on it.

If you want a recipe that's looks a little better then mine....  Try this one..  I'm going to give it a little more 


Now that Richard has encouraged me to stay up latter then I needed to be... LOL... ok ok, that's not fair. He didn't hold my hands to the keyboard.. 


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