Feb 20, 2010

#RSSTQ No.5 As a writer would you rather be Stephen King, or Dr. Seuss? Why?

Thanks to all my online buds for joining me for #RSSTQ No.5. - If somehow I asked you and didn't post it here, lemme know, I'll add it to the post...  - I'm in the middle of moving this week, so I'm a little caught up with that. It's a simple 20 mile move, so no big huge moving day thing, just the short spastic trips and the related hassles with a move.

From Twitter:
@shawnp0wers   @TheNose100 Easy: Dr. Seuss. Why? Nothing brings me more joy than making people laugh and be happy. Not that I'd shun King's money... ;)

@JustinRyan @TheNose100 Dr. Seuss. I suspect his work has traumatized far fewer people.

From FaceBook:
Peter Nikolaidis commented on your post:   "Seuss. He had talent."

Shawn Zehnder Lea Do I have to choose? 'Cause I think combining King AND Seuss would be awesome! I'm re-imagining Cat in the Hat ad we speak... ;)

From the Posterous Post:
terryf said...  Dr. Seuss because he's scarier.

linuxchic said...
Stephen King. I find his writing to be stimulating and attention grabbing.

#RSSTQ No.5 As a writer would you rather be a Stephen King, or a Dr. Seuss? Why? http://post.ly/Nq9w

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