Jan 28, 2011

Daily Random Shot 028-11, Lakewood Park, OH

Just in case you were wondering, The Daily Random Shot's 5 numbers indicate the Julian Day and year. Not the photo number, or the number of Random Daily shot's taken. I guess that I'm fairly safe in just using the last two digits for the end of the year, as I don't expect that I'll be around in 2111 posting these things. If I am. I'll certainly be surprised.  I forgot to add the year to the previous posts, so I'll start with this one. :)

This is sort of near our apartment, but it's a winter view of Lakewood Park. (Lakewood, Ohio)  I guess that I need to start taking pictures when I'm out and about, if I'm going to get serious about posting on a daily basis. :)  Granted, they're only going to be from my phone,  as I'm not a professional photographer.  But WOULD find that line of work rather interesting. :) 

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