Jan 21, 2011

Podcasting with Blogger, and Archive.org

 I Posted earlier on Pimping The Penguin,  on how I use the Internet Archive.org site for the Randomized Radio podcast. 

 I wanted to go over a couple other points here, as to why to use Internet Archive.org. I Started Randomized Radio during some of the podcast craze a couple years ago.  I and a few other truckers would post a podcast every couple of weeks our ideas, opinions and replies to the other podcasts etc... GoDaddy and PodShow were on the bandwagon to get everyone's podcast on their sites, and were offering hosting deals etc..  

But the Bandwidth issue was killing these sites. GoDaddy's BlogCasting sorta petered out, they've changed the way they do things, and I had issues trying to use their proprietary web building software with a Linux Based Browser.  I was irked.  I had heard other's being Irked at Podshow (Keith and The Girl).  Some of use went to SnapVine, and tried to do things via their method. It was fairly simple, you could call SnapVine's number, and record a podcast with your phone. There was an RSS feed, a Flash Player and a link to the MP3.  And then they died,  my trucking friends lost interest in doing their podcasts,  I too lost some interest. Not everyone was going to be a success like Keith and The Girl.  The rest of us just had what I'd call Vanity Casts.  We were a bunch of nobody's with really nobody listening to us.  There's a ton of that going on.  :)  Talk is cheap. Bandwidth isn't. 

 But to make a short little list of what someone needs to do to host a podcast on Blogger and Internet Archive it's fairly simple. 

You need a Blogger Blog
You need a Internet Archive account.

If you're not sure how to add an enclosure link, read this
I'm thinking that there ought to be a separate blog post as to how to post to Blogger from Internet Archive.  So look for one of those coming soon. :) 

Posted on Pimping The Penguin

Today on Facebook, one of my geeky cool friends Linc (of TLLTS.ORG fame) asked a simple question.. 

"Can someone please point me to a hosting provider that is not a dick?"

I too, had some hosting issues. GoDaddy, 1and1, etc...  These hosting companies make an offer that seems reasonable, and good, etc... and then... WHAM! You've got a podcast that's not getting out, people try to download it, and Phhttziled bandwidth happens.  Back before I gave The JuicedPenguin.com oggcast over to Terryf,  I had issues with 1and1.com I had also had issues with GoDaddy  prior to that with my RandomizedRadio.com Podcast. 

MY solution? Post your audio files on The Internet Archive. http://www.archive.org  It's not hard, and from what I can tell, they kinda want your content. They'll host your show for you. I've yet to hear a bandwidth problem to be complained about by them, I've yet to see them shut someone off for "honest" content.  And when I say "honest" I'm talking about content that doesn't infringe on some copy write issue.  But then again,  the Juiced Penguin didn't have a TON of traffic... and neither does my little Vanity Podcast... 

 As for the Blog, I'm going to stick with Blogger for most of my blog stuff. Yea, its' not as powerfully configurable as WordPress, but then it's also not as cut down to the nubs as Posterous, and Posterous is nice and simple,  but the lack of a side panel you can easily add stuff to,  sorta thwarts a few things on my agenda.  So, if you're just a casual blogger or podcaster I'd go with Blogger for your blog,  setup your blog for enclosures, use the Flash Widget that Internet Archive gives you, edit in the HTML code the the width of the Flash Widget to something less then the 640 pixels that is in the code, really not that hard to do, I set my to 440, you just replace the "6" twice in the code.  You can then just switch back to the standard WYSIWYG editor for blogger and finish off or start your post. 

Got Questions? Ask them here in the comments! :) 

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