Feb 1, 2011

Daily Random Shot 032-11, Emerald Necklace Marina

This is simply another picture that I took this past weekend at the Emerald Neck Marina.  I've not been in the building... maybe we'll have to remedy that one day soon. :)

As I've mentioned in the previous post,  another blogger already has a good local photo niche blog going on.  I had thought that I could do something similar to theirs. But besides lacking their talent, and eye. I don't think that that I can. Also for me to consider,  I might not be in town when it's light outside. So, I'm going to try and get one done each day while I'm on the road,  if I don't have a local shot handy. Granted, I'm still going to be a Lakewood-iean (?) but I'll be doing what I can do, with what I have. :)

Besides, I need to try and exercise some of the philosophic wisdom that I've heard that says we need to be happy with what we DO HAVE. Rather then un-happy with what we don't.

Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have.
- Rabbi Hyman Schachtel


  1. i always imagine the term is lakewoodite, although i could have dreamt that....

  2. Lakewoodite... Hmm... How do these terms get determined anyway?