Feb 6, 2011

I love Google Maps, and it's little extras.

I don't know about you. But I remember MapQuest, and Yahoo Maps, and how badly they sucked.  They really did. Then came Google Maps. Simple and to the point. And they just keep getting better.  If you're looking for something in your area, or planning a trip, Google Maps is the way to go.  They behave a little different, then some of the other online mapping sites, but being able to move the route around, and find reviews for places you're likely to stop at is most helpful.
You can also pick Walking, Bus, or Car as a mode for getting somewhere, and the travel time to expect.


  1. Boy, you're not kidding about how bad Mapquest was! I remember using it over ten years ago and no matter where I wanted to go, it ALWAYS said to "Get on I-90 East, get off at W.117th go south to Bellaire and get on I-71..."

    It was crazy! I wanted to get to a seminar at the Zoo and following Mapquest instructions, it took me 45 minutes and all over the place. I found out later I could take Lorain to Denison to Wildlife Drive and be there in 10 minutes!

    Thank the lord for Google maps...

  2. Oh yea. I think Google Maps is where some of the "Web 2.0" stuff was made use of first, or at least it was where I had a internet speed fast enough that having gizemos online didn't slow things down to a crawl. :)

    Mapquest WAS and IS still horrid. :)