Feb 1, 2011

Oh Snap! - lakewood daily snap: tag tuesday

Looks like someone has got a really GOOD Daily Picture blog for Lakewood. - AND they're taking  GREAT pictures.  -  While I don't want to compete with them, and I doubt that I could at their level,  I'll keep trying to do my Daily Random Picture, as the pic that I post might not be from Lakewood, but wherever I am out and about.  Like the next one that I'll post. :)

You'll have to check out the link below to view their blog and pictures.  :)

lakewood daily snap: tag tuesday: "Would you guess a happy person drives this car? In addition to the license plate there's a sticker stating that 'life is good!'"


  1. hey you!! hey, thanks for the kind words about the snap - nice to discover your blog and seeing you are local adding you to the snap's blogroll!

    scratch, scratch....

  2. Mouse, I'm sorta new to the Lakewood Area, so I still find many things intriguing.. :) And thanks for the BlogRoll Addition. I think that I'll have to return the favor. (note to self, don't forget to create a blog roll)... As it is, I've gotta roll, so no computer time for me tonight.