Feb 9, 2011

Daily Random Shot, 040-11, A Chilly re-View

Welp, here's the shot of the same spot of the previous shot.  Not really impressive, but what the heck. It's certainly cooler looking.  Nothing exciting really.

And here's some really long icicles.  There's a lot of them building up. One of the neater looking, and dangerous things, that winter has to offer.. 

“Whether the eave-drops fall 
Heard only in the trances of the blast, 
Or if the secret ministry of frost 
Shall hang them up in silent icicles, 
Quietly shining to the quiet moon.”
 -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

FYI, I'll be pulling the plug, or rather, not updating, this blog come this weekend, Feb 12th, 2011 and updating things over on my new blog, Lakewood Loon... http://www.lakewoodloon.com/

Thanks, and I will be adding more interesting things to it, and trying to build it's "Karma" vs this one.


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