Mar 13, 2010

Replies: #RSSTQ No.8 Do you take time to "Disconnect" from Tec/Work/Others?

I didn't try to tap on to many people's shoulders for this one, but I AM glad for the few who did respond. :)  
Please take note, that I did make up a separate Posterous site just for the RSSTQ's. 

Replies:  #RSSTQ No.8 Do you take time to "Disconnect" from the digital noise? How Often?

From Google BUZZ: =-O

Linc Fessenden  Wish I could get my family to disconnect from cable tv. It's complete trash and only shows humanity at their worst anymore. I get Netflicks too, though, and I quite like it. Didn't take me long to upgrade to the 3 at a time deal :-)

T.J. W  I often disconnect, which as a podcaster it can be hard to juggle a full social life as well as the shows I do weekly.

From Posterous: ;-)

sometimes i can spend an entire day in my room to myself, doing things i normally don't have time for.

From Twitter: :-\

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