Mar 5, 2010

#TARDY #VFTC 's For March 5, 2002

Well, since I didn't do this right... and I've now been called a Slacker by @DriverGeoff , and @amishtrucker, a Kindred Open Source Ubuntu Linux User, who gave up on Windows, and doesn't see the point of Apple Computers either.  So here's my pictures, as I was thinking of #VFTC and din't want to really post them while going down the road with my BBry, I could but it's a dumb thing to do. 

These are pictures along I-71 in Ohio North of Columbus. Around the 140-150 Mile Markers..... 

This First one make me think the dude is waiting for the ice to crack so he can put his boat in the water..

The Second two are just of houses along the way, that didn't quite get captured as well as I would have liked.  Something about over a mile a minute, and the speed, or lack of speed, of the digital cameras...  :)  


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