Mar 11, 2010

#VFTC @tachoblog Mar 11, 10 - Here's a few shots from along HWY Near Barcelona, NY

These aren't all from the same day, but they are from the past week, I went out there more then once this week. 

First one is of the lighthouse from today, the second one is from earlier this week... And the last one is just a simple one of going down the road...  I hope that, first the Google Map link that I've put in here works, and second that you can move around and see the old wooden ship down by the water's edge. - There's some great view that are hard to get when on the road. There's even more cool shots of the ice and such if one were to be able to stop and get a decent shot of them.... 

Here's the Google Map of the HWY.... 
<br /><small>View Larger Map</small>

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