Mar 6, 2010

#RSSTQ No.8 Do you take time to "Disconnect" from Tec/Work/Others?

#RSSTQ No.8 Do you take time to "Disconnect" from the digital noise? How Often? 

I've signed up for the 8 buck Netflix deal, as we don't have Cable, I just can't see paying 45 bucks a month for something that I might use once or twice a week. - Netflix can fill that bill for now, for us. But, being able to veg in front of the TV or with a Video game. OR... with a deck of UNO cards at the kitchen table with family and friends. Is something that I don't do all that often, and I ought to. I suppose that when one says that they disconnect, it can be of varying degrees, and types. Turning off the phone, or muting it, not logging onto the computer, letting the email basket fill up and then deleting it all... 

With the move and not being online, I thought that I was going to go through some kind of mental melt down. But instead, I found some peace and quite with card board boxes that needed to be sorted and moved around... If it weren't for the stairs, it would have been an even better time. :)  

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