Mar 6, 2010

Replies to: #RSSTQ No.7 Have you ever posted or used a recipe off the internet? Both? and/or What?

This week, I was in the middle of a move, and didn't get online to chat with many people about this weeks 
Randy's Silly or Simple Tweet Question: Sorry if it seems a bit light. I normally pull the replies and put them into a draft email as I get them, but this week was a little different. :) 

I got this:

Vaughn Sanders said...
I've gotten plenty recipes from the internet. There are also several apps on my iPod Touch that I use. I don't generally follow recipes exactly but more as a guide or for ideas.

and there was a little discssion on FaceBook, to my post, but it had nothing to do with the question... LOL... Oh well. And if there were other posts.  I certainly missed them :( 

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